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Welcome to Craig Boehman Fine Art

April 17, 2021.

Welcome to my fine art page! The idea of creating a storefront for my fine art photography has been floating around for some time. It took a pandemic to get me into the mindset of becoming an "artist" in addition to a photographer.

Here's the subtle difference between the photographer and artist, if you were to ask me. The Photographer is the image-sourcer and the Artist is the craftsman. The Photographer hands over the raw materials to the Artist to process. At the heart of it all is intentionality. Images are ideally sourced with a final destination in mind. This is the approach I use to create my art.

I anticipate that I will always wear two hats when it comes to photography. I'll continue to work as a photographer, to write as a photographer. Some of this work will find its way into my artist's studio for a makeover. There too are images out there I'm seeking as an artist that I'll command my photographer self to retrieve. As of late, these types of images are abstract in nature and will likely not include people as subjects. Look for these pieces to gradually infiltrate in the months ahead.

In the meantime, is my Photographer Self. I suspect there will be times when my work from both websites crossover and trespass on one another. But it's the image that matters, no matter for who it dances.

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