"Where fine art meets the streets."

Craig Boehman is an American fine art photographer based in Mumbai. He specializes in street photography and digital composite art. Many of his pieces are derived from scenes he's photographed in the streets of India. Craig draws inspiration from Expressionism and isn't afraid to take his art to darker places. He has also begun work on a series of abstract images and special projects sourced during the Covid-19 pandemic. These images will be made available toward the end of 2021.

Craig runs street photography workshops and accepts assignments and commissions. His work has been shown in photography exhibitions around the world and featured in publications like Le Monde Diplomatique, Verve Magazine, and The Hindustan Times.

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Artist Statement

Photography is the medium from which I elicit moments. Much of my work is derived from street photography and public spaces.  I rely on both speed and anticipation to capture scenes digitally; these are my sketches. Prime lenses play an important role in my art. On one hand, it’s a strict limitation to use a lens with a set focal length, but conversely, it allows me to work without distraction in chaotic environments. I thrive equally in the crowded megacities of India or isolated in rural landscapes. I follow my subjects wherever they lead me; place is only indicative of the genre.


My focus is on people, strangers on the streets; only rarely do I use models. If I’m shooting a landscape or architecture, I prefer to have one lone figure to provide a sense of scale and isolation, although I intend to inspire a sense of awe through the construct of an aesthetic. Isolation is one of the main themes in my work. My subjects are always rendered anonymous, which invites my audience to place themselves into my images to create a suspension of disbelief.

My inspiration for photography and my art lies along the shorelines of the Oregon Coast. As a child, my grandmother would take me agate-hunting. The thrill was in the search: while some of these stones glowed brilliantly in shades of red and orange at the water’s edge, many more were camouflaged among dry stones. Discovering these hidden stones, the ones other collectors blindly passed over, was a skill set I developed to detect certain tones, textures, and shapes among the gravel. Photography is like this for me. I find joy in discovering scenes that others don’t usually see.